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13. + 14. März 2010, Pfefferberg
19. + 20. März 2010, Maria am Ostbahnhof

Unter Strom - From the pioneers of electronic music to the Digital Ladies
the story of electronic music is closely tied to the development of electronic sound and electric music instruments. In the early 50's a particular compositional technique using electronically generated sound became known as electronic music, the forerunner of what we have today. Research shows that women have participated in creating electronic music since its conception and that there is a tradition of women composing in this genre. In contrast to the rich, varied and plentiful work of female composers in electronic music, there is a definite lack of visibility and awareness of their work both historically and in contemporary festivals.
Wie es ihr gefällt - Unter Strom - presents the electro-acoustic work of international female composers from 1938 until today. This is music either for or with speakers, including audio tape music, the concept encompasses acousmatic music, play back and instruments. The selection goes from pioneers like Johanna M. Beyer, Daphne Oram, Maryane Amacher and Pauline Oliveros to the modern electronics divas of Pop music.
For two weekends the festival presents work from the foremost women composers in contemporary experimental music from the E- und U-Musikbereich and sound and video installation.

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