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The Festival
The international women's music festival "wie es ihr gefällt" presented 1991 for the first time in the legendary Kreuzberg SO 36. The founders who played together in the Berlin bands (X-Tra, Lachende Not), had their own experiences of the concert scene and found that the overall situation of women in the music business, particularly their lack of representation, was pretty terrible. A study researching the situation of female musicians in the German speaking context (funded by the Berlin senate) gave the final incentive to create a festival. So, "wie es ihr gefällt" put out some feelers to take Berlin's temperature, found more artists and inspiration than you could shake a stick at… and the game was on.

Since 1991, ‚wie es ihr gefällt" has been an annual event, mainly with sponsorship from the artistic programs of the Kultursenat. From the beginning the festival co-operated with other events:

In 1994 "wie es ihr gefällt" festival was staged in Munich, 1994-1997 in Zürich, 2006 as a joint venture with "Les Grand Dames de la Méditerranée" in Berlin. Symposiums, concerts and workshops were organized and the festival developed itself as a network. Now this "wie es ihr gefällt" with UNTER STROM will be the last - leaving the stage clear for new, energetic organizers. Maybe, one day, in the spirit of so many large and small come backs there will be another surprise in the offing.
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